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  • What basic recipes should everyone know how to cook?

  • From chicken pot pie and classic Caesar salad to brownies and cookies. The classic recipe you always wanted, with a little kick. ALEX LAU We’ve rounded up 24 basic recipes that everyone should know how to cook, from a pot of rice to pot roast. Master these, and you’ll never find yourself stumped in the grocery store.

  • How many recipes do you need to learn to cook?

  • Whether you鈥檙e just learning to cook, or have your go-to dinner rotation set in stone, these 10 recipes build the basic foundation that every great cook needs. From homemade pasta, to fudgy brownies, we鈥檝e set you up for success.

  • What are the Best Dishes you should know how to make?

  • Thankfully, you don’t have to have a cooking degree to master some of the greatest dishes out there. We’ve rounded up 15 all-time classics that everyone should know how to make, and, a couple recipe options for each dish. Favorites like chicken noodle soup, pot roast, and chocolate chip cookies are easy to learn and will impress the best.

  • What are some classic recipes you will make on repeat?

  • Whether it鈥檚 your first time in the kitchen or you鈥檙e a seasoned cook, there are a few dozen basic recipes that you鈥檒l want in your back pocket. From pizza dough and rice to pancakes and tomato sauce, here are the classic recipes you鈥檒l make on repeat. A classic 鈥?and the only tuna salad recipe you鈥檒l ever need.