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  • What can I use instead of Kale leaves?

  • Slightly different in flavour to kale, these green tops of fellow members of the brassica family can be used instead of kale. If the leaves are young and tender they can be used raw like kale leaves. Wash, dry and tear kale leaves into bite sized pieces. Either compost the stems or save them for another use.

  • Can you substitute Frozen Spinach for Kale?

  • However if you just want to add some cooked greens to a dish, spinach including defrosted frozen spinach is a good kale substitute. Spinach isn鈥檛 great eaten raw though so don鈥檛 use it in recipes where the kale is uncooked. 3. Baby Spinach Leaves If your recipes calls for raw kale or baby kale leaves, baby spinach is your best bet.

  • Can mustard greens replace Kale in a recipe?

  • Mustard greens can also replace kale in almost any type of recipe. However, keep in mind that these greens have a spicy flavor too. Thanks to this aspect, your food will have a richer taste. But a different taste as well. Other than the spicy flavor, mustard greens can be considered similar to kale.

  • Can you substitute Broccoli for Kale in soup?

  • With its thick stems and crunchy florets, raw broccoli is quite different from kale in terms of texture. However, if you are making pureed soup, you can use broccoli as a substitute for kale because it’s all going to get blended anyway. And, be sure to use those broccoli stems in your soup, too鈥攖hey are perfectly edible and full of nutrition.