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  • What is the oldest food recipe still in use today?

  • 9 of the oldest food recipes from history still in use today. 1 1) Stew, circa 6000 BC 鈥? 2 2) Tamales, circa 5000 BC 鈥? 3 3) Pancakes, circa 3300 BC 鈥? 4 4) Curry, circa 2600 鈥?2200 BC 鈥? 5 5) Cheesecake, circa 2000 BC 鈥? More items

  • What is the oldest cookbook?

  • Apicius: De Re Coquinaria, the extant 4 th century BC Roman cookbook, contains a number of detailed recipes about fish as well as lamb stews. The earliest mention of ragout, a French stew, lies in the 14th-century book by chef Taillevent called Le Viandier.

  • What is the oldest known confection in the world?

  • If you’re looking for the oldest known confection in the world, you needn’t look further than the linzer torte, a tart with jam and a lattice pastry top. Its reputation as the most ancient of the cake recipes is down to the fact that its lineage has been traced back further than any other.

  • What are the most ancient recipes in history?

  • And it isn’t always the most basic foodstuffs that have the longest pedigree. Alongside staples like beer and roast boar, some of the most ancient recipes in human history involve elaborate instructions for foods like almond milk, hangover cures and fancy cakes.