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  • What can you do with sour cream?

  • The tang of sour cream gives the illusion that this recipe is not as rich as the cream, butter, and milk would imply. The next day? Form leftover potatoes into cakes and fry them up鈥攊n butter, of course.

  • How many recipes can you make with sour cream?

  • These 39 recipes turn sour cream, our favorite dairy aisle find, into the moistest cakes, the richest dips and salad dressings, and one hell of a cheesecake. Sour cream, is there anything you don’t improve?

  • What is a good substitute for sour cream in a cake?

  • If you鈥檙e looking for an easy substitute for sour cream, milk or milk powder is a convenient alternative that couldn鈥檛 be easier to make! Simply mix one cup of whole milk with a tablespoon of lemon juice, and you鈥檝e got yourself an excellent replacement for sour cream.

  • What is the best cream to use for Soup?

  • Sour cream is perfect for dolloping soup recipes. And this Loaded Potato Soup is our pick, is impossibly creamy with intermittent potato chunks. Old Bay gives it an irresistible undertone. It鈥檚 so easy to make: you don鈥檛 even need a blender!