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  • What is Old Bay seasoning used for?

  • Old Bay Seasoning is a classic spice mix used in seafood dishes. You can make the best homemade Old Bay seasoning with fresh spices for maximum flavor. This easy copycat recipe will be your new go-to when you want to elevate any dish that calls for this spice blend in the recipe.

  • What is in McCormick Old Bay Seasoning?

  • According to McCormick, Old Bay is a blend of 18 herbs and spices, making it versatile for use on fish, chicken, vegetables, and soup. The unique blend of spices includes (but is not limited to): celery seed, paprika, mustard, salt, red pepper, and black pepper.

  • What is the difference between Old Bay and cajun seasoning?

  • Old Bay and Cajun seasonings are complex spice blends commonly used for seafood and other foods. While the two include some of the same ingredients, this Old Bay replica uses more spices and has a bay leaf, celery salt, and mustard base. Cajun seasoning concentrates on paprika and is a little spicier because of the cayenne pepper.

  • What can I do with Old Bay sauce?

  • Add some zing to your crab boil. Make Old Bay hollandaise for your benedict. Sprinkle it on freshly baked crinkle fries. Add some pep to your potatoes – roasted, mashed, baked, you name it. Mix it into boiled peanut hummus. Stir it into cream cheese and make spiced-up cucumber sandwiches.