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  • Who makes nature鈥檚 recipe pet food?

  • Nature鈥檚 Recipe is owned by Big Heart Pet Brands, formerly the pet food division of Del Monte Foods. The company鈥檚 headquarters is in San Francisco, California.

  • Where is Nature鈥檚 variety dog food made?

  • According to a spokesperson for the Nature鈥檚 Variety brand, all of their dry dog food and dog treats are produced in U.S. facilities. While most of their wet food products are also made in the United States, some of their grain-free canned foods are made in Thailand. Where Does Nature鈥檚 Recipe Get Their Ingredients?

  • Which nature鈥檚 recipe is best for your dog?

  • So, you can choose the one that鈥檚 best for your dog. This Nature鈥檚 Recipe sub-brand is best for those who prefer a dry kibble that鈥檚 grain free. Nature鈥檚 Recipe Original is for those seeking a dry dog food that鈥檚 made with grain. This option is ideal for those needing a wet food made with grain.

  • How many dry dog foods are in nature鈥檚 recipe original?

  • The Nature鈥檚 Recipe Original product line includes 7 dry dog foods. Each recipe below includes its AAFCO nutrient profile when available鈥?G rowth (puppy), M aintenance (adult), A ll Life Stages, S upplemental or U nspecified. Use the following links to check prices and package sizes at an online retailer.