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  • Is there a secret recipe for Coca Cola?

  • Coca-Cola’s Secret Recipe Has Been Leaked. The ingredients may surprise you. The recipe for Coca-Cola is a closely guarded secret; in fact it is said that to stop it leaking (no pun intended) only 2 coke employees ever know the formula at one time.

  • Where can you find the original Coca Cola recipe?

  • The World of Coca COla museum is home of the high-tech vault that holds the original recipe. The museum is a 20-acre complex located across Baker Street Coca Cola鈥檚 recipe is one of the best kept business secrets of the past decade.

  • How old is the Coca-Cola recipe?

  • The story of Coca-Cola鈥檚 creation is just as fascinating as the fact that the recipe has managed to remain secret for over 100 years. Coca-Cola鈥檚 origins date back to a little before 1886 with John Stith Pemberton 鈥?a Civil War veteran with a morphine addiction.

  • Where is Coca Cola鈥檚 secret formula?

  • The secret formula was kept in SunTrustBanks Inc, under lock and key since 1925. But for the company鈥檚 125th anniversary, the Coca Cola risked taking the ultra-secret recipe out of the vault and put it on display at the World of Coca Cola museum.