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  • Who are the actors in the movie where the Crawdads sing?

  • Taylor John Smith and Daisy Edgar-Jones in ‘Where the Crawdads Sing.’ (CNN) Placing Daisy Edgar-Jones under the spotlight, Where the Crawdads Sing serves up a virtual symphony of chords — adapting a bestselling book that’s part wild-child tale, part romance, part mystery and part courtroom drama.

  • What makes where the Crawdads sing a must-read?

  • When Delia Owens鈥?Where the Crawdads Sing was selected for Reese Withersoon鈥檚 book club, it became an instant must-read. Equal parts coming-of-age story, mystery, legal drama and love story, I can see why!

  • Is 鈥榳here the Crawdads sing鈥?coming to 3000 pictures?

  • Producer Elizabeth Gabler, who spearheaded big successes in book-to-film adaptation at Fox 2000, launches her Sony outfit 3000 Pictures with 鈥淲here the Crawdads Sing.鈥?Delia Owens鈥?book 鈥淲here the Crawdads Sing鈥?is just a dragon short of a genre fiction compendium: children鈥檚 survival tale, young adult romance, murder mystery and legal thriller.

  • Should I listen to 鈥淐rawdads?

  • Even if you have already physically read Crawdads, I highly recommend listening to it. Her performance of Kya鈥檚 spoken lines progresses and swells as Kya grows from an uneducated swamp girl to an exploring young woman. Campbell鈥檚 narration is fresh and engaging. She has a soothing, intimate way of reading without distracting from the story.