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  • Why do recipes call for salted butter and not unsalted?

  • Voted the Best Reply! The reason that baking recipes call for unsalted butter and then have you add salt is so that the amount of salt is controlled by you. Different brands of salted butter may have differing amounts of salt added, and by adding it yourself you can add according to recipe, or even to your own taste.

  • Why remove the salt from the butter equation?

  • Removing the salt from the butter equation puts us in control of salting. Control is very important when it comes to flavor. When a recipe calls for unsalted butter, that means that the salt levels in the recipe account for no other salt source. If all you have salted butter, try cutting the instructed salt amount in half.

  • Can I substitute salted butter for unsalted butter in cookies?

  • Hardly. Joy the Baker recommends cutting a recipe鈥檚 salt in half when substituting salted butter for unsalted. And taste as you go, if you can. You can usually tell if cookies or cake batter need a little pinch of extra salt.

  • Should you use unsalted butter when baking a cobbler?

  • If you鈥檙e baking a cobbler, you鈥檒l most definitely want to reach for the unsalted butter. Here鈥檚 why: Most importantly: unsalted butter ensures that you can control the amount of salt you add to your cakes, cookies and Fig and Almond Breakfast Cake. Different companies add different amounts of salt to their butter.