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  • How do you organize your loose recipes?

  • One of the best ways to organize your loose recipes is in a binder. If you want to organize recipes from magazines (or that you print from online), a binder is a fantastic way to do it. It鈥檚 basically like creating your very own cookbook.

  • How can I organize my recipes in a binder?

  • You can write all of your recipes on index cards or recipe cards (you can grab my free printable recipe cards HERE ), then hole punch the corners and stick a binder ring through it all. You can use one giant binder ring for all of your recipes or you can split it up into types of dishes. A binder ring each for dinner recipes, dessert recipes, etc.

  • How do you organize your recipes in Wunderlist?

  • Using the app, you can make lists, and folders to organize them. Start by making a list called 鈥渞ecipes鈥? Now, the fun part. From a print magazine/cookbook/index card or any other any physical source: Grab your smartphone or tablet and open Wunderlist. Add the recipe name in the 鈥渁dd a to do鈥?field, save, then go in and tap 鈥渁ttach a file鈥?

  • How can I organize my family’s most valuable recipes?

  • Your aunt’s famous baklava, your kids’ favorite chocolate birthday cake, the first meal you cooked with your now-spouse鈥攜our family’s most cherished recipes hold important meaning. Figuring out how to organize these recipes, whether in a binder of photocopied favorites or using a recipe organizer app, will help you find them quickly and easily.